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cloudedleopards's Journal

Clouded Leopards
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Under Construction...

Hello, and welcome to the first and only livejournal community dedicated to the beautiful Clouded Leopard. Clouded leopards are rare animals, and many people are uneducated about them. They are also highly endangered. I created this community in hopes of spreading the word about these beautiful animals.

This community was also created for those who consider themselves clouded leopard 'furries', or artists who enjoy drawing the cats. Art is accepted, as well as videos, photos, and stories. However, lj-cuts are highly encouraged when posting large images, photos, or long entries. We also have a deviantART account. Feel free to check it out!

Please do not post anything unless it concerns Clouded Leopards. Enjoy

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None. Message me at xdearjamiex@yahoo.com if you would like to be affiliated.


Clouded Leopards @ deviantART

Clouded leopard in banner found at dtf-stock
Background image found at sxc.hu
Photo manip (c) thinkmenaive